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How to scull - sculling technique - rowing - learn to row

How to scull - sculling technique - rowing - learn to row

Sculling Academy founder, Steve Walker, gives the 1st lesson in sculling. To watch the next video about preventing capsize go and opt in at ...

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Guide to Sculling with Team Australia | Gillette World Sport

Subscribe to Gillette World Sport: http://bit.ly/GWSsub World Sport joins Olympic Silver Medallist's Karsten Forsterling and Cameron Girdlestone as they talk us ...

How to Do Sculling | Swimming Lessons

Amazon Must Haves for Every Swimmers: Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap: http://amzn.to/1EzTojl TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 Racing Goggle: ...

Swimming - All Strokes - The Ins and Outs of Sculling

Sculling is a back-and-forth movement of the hands and forearms that provides almost constant propulsion. It may not be a FAST way to get to the end of the pool ...

Sculling Technique


Adult Swim Lesson. How To Do Basic Sculling for Treading Water, Water Survival, Triathlons.

In this video I teach how to do basic sculling and give an exercise to make this stroke more powerful. My background is in Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, ...

Sculling over the Stern

Glyn Foulkes shows how to scull a dinghy with a single oar over the transom. Video to accompany the March 2013 issue of PBO, on sale 31 January 2013.

Rio Replay: Men's Single Sculls Final Race

Mahe Drysdale wins gold for New Zealand in men's single sculls in a close finish in Rio 2016. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: ...

Joy of single sculling

My name is Steve Walker and I'm the founder of Sculling Academy, http://www.ahoy-boats.co.uk/Lazy-Scullers-Guide-yt-redir.htm where I help people who are ...

Sculling - Lady Cath - Golfe du Morbihan - part 1

How to propel a boat - French style - Lady Cath was in severe current rounding Ile Berden during La Semaine du Golfe 2009 - with her 3 crew taking it in turns ...

How To Practice Sculling

Looking for an advice video on How To Practice Sculling ? This suitable video explains precisely how it's done, and will help you get good at swimming.

Sea Hiker Swimming - The Secret to Sculling (Treading Water)

A introduction to an often overlooked skill in treading water and feeling comfortable in deep water: how to get started with learning to use your hands for sculling ...

Rowing With One Oar (sculling)

How to propel a rowboat with a single oar. This is called \

Best Sculling Drills for Swimmers

The best sculling drills for all swimming strokes. Underwater, and in slow motion.

Sherri Cassuto Sculling

Sherri demonstrates flip catch (Thames Watermen sculling style taught by Frank Cunningham), safe back posture, and great attitude toward life.

Tips from an Olympic Coach on how to improve your sculling crew

Join 7000 rowers and get 12 beginner rowing videos, 9 advanced rowing videos, 2 training programs and one training piece. http://www.decentrowing.com 12 ...

Recovery to Catch: How to Position Your Hands and Hold Your Oars

Charlotte Hollings shows you how to grip your oars to row for efficiency and power. Charlotte is a U.S. National Team gold medalist and the co-owner and ...

Seven Secrets of Successful Sculling: Find All 7

Seven Secrets of Successful Sculling with Anne Dinshah. Find the seven secrets during this windy-day row. sculling7@hotmail.com.

Sculling Grip Instruction - TRCJ


Incredible Catch while Sculling

Steve Walker, founder of http://scullingacademy.com, reveals a remarkable video of an incident he recorded unintentionally. Please share this with your friends.

Rowing - Single Scull

Oscar Helvig Rowing in Varese Italy. Focusing on the technique in race pace.

Sculling Kirkwood Style

Little Scull on the River in Longridge.

Sculling 2015

Jamie Kirkwood Sculling in Breisach 2015 in the lead up to the Senior World Championships.

Rowing Sculling @ Mosman CIMG0682.AVI

Beijing Olympics and Poznan quad scull stroke Dan Noonan training @ Mosman Sydney.

Backing and Turning in a Sculling Boat, 7/3/14

Created with Coach's Eye. Try it out: http://www.coachseye.com.

Angry Sculler Confronts Us On The River

If you live in Boston you know what sculling is. You also know that scullers row backwards and have to constantly look behind them. If they don't, they can run ...

Sculling crash

Me crashing the club scull into the racing double during training.

Single Oar Sculling Polperro

A calm September day in Polperro. I was watching life go by when this man came sculling into the harbour. I could never work out how single oar sculling ...

How to Get Back into Your Scull after Flipping

Learn how to get back into your scull -- swiftly and safely -- after flipping over in water. Demonstrated by Calm Waters Rowing coaches and U.S. National Team ...

Sculling Dan Noonan at Mosman

Aussie Olympic sculler Dan Noonan training at Mosman Sydney.

How to Do a Sculling Swim Drill (4 Different Versions)

Collegiate and Masters Swim Coach Doug Alban, MEd, CSCS explains and Swimmer Kyle Williams demonstrates four ways to practice sculling as a drill for ...

Rowing SUPER FAIL - Sculling - Regatta 2014

Watch as these rowers fail over and over and over.

Sculling Games & Drills

Sculling Games & Drills by TI Coach Gadi רוצים גם אתם ללמוד לשחות חתירה, למרחקים ארוכים וללא מאמץ - תוך 10 שיעורים בלבד ! היכנסו...

sculler falling in

sculler hitting buoy.

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